Growth - Just What You Would Expect From a Nursery

Burchell Nursery’s success story is one of genetics. Certainly, the past 75 years have been about breeding the highest quality fruit and nut trees. But we’ve also been blessed with good genes being passed down through our three generations of leaders. If you’ve met our president, Tom Burchell, you know what we mean.

Burchell is his name, and also his life’s work. While he grew up learning everything about Burchell Nursery, he’s now led it for a dozen years, taking it to new heights:

  More than 1,000 acres
  More than 150,000 square feet of greenhouse space
  More than 3 million trees sold per year
  The only independent nursery with an in-house breeding program
  More patents than any other California nursery
  Tomorrow’s Harvest®, a new retail division for the home orchardist

Tom may have inherited his traits of humility, positivity and perseverance, but he’s honed his skills through study and hard work. Holder of an ornamental horticulture degree from Cal Poly San Louis Obispo, Tom initiated the product development division at Burchell Nursery, and now it collaborates with nurseries in Chile, Australia, South Africa and Europe.

While proud of the nursery’s past, Tom’s focused on the future and how the breeding program can help farmers be ready for whatever it holds. He leads the Burchell team in developing a diversified pipeline of nut, citrus and fruit trees that will thrive in the face of ever-increasing environmental and regulatory challenges.

This requires innovative thinking, but also takes daily diligence, as bringing new varieties to market is roughly a ten-year commitment. But Tom has the vision to focus on long-term goals. (No surprise, he’s completed marathons, including running the Boston Marathon.) You can count on Burchell Nursery to support you today and in the years to come.

It’s that kind of dedication that would make the past leaders of Burchell proud. Tom’s grandfather, Irvin, founded the nursery in 1942, and his father, Bill, ran the business from 1970 to 2004. No doubt they’d both commend Tom’s work to build not only the nursery, but also the industry, by serving on advisory boards and mentoring our youth through the classroom, FFA and 4-H.

Tom enjoys teaching others about plant genetics and our growing business.  Feel free to stop by for a tour of Burchell Nursery. You’ll see first-hand our family’s legacy of honesty, integrity and service. You can look to us for the healthiest, most vigorous bareroot and container trees your money can buy.

We’re also honored to come to you. Our field service team is unequalled in the industry.

We’re here to support you and your orchard’s future success, breeding the highest quality fruit and nut trees.

Video: The History of Burchell Nursery