What puts the “ape” in apricot? Courage! At least, that’s what the Cowardly Lion exclaimed in The Wizard of Oz. This sweet fruit has been lending courage to eaters over the millennia. It was grown in Armenia so long ago that it was believed to have originated there. But, today’s best apricots originate from Burchell Nursery. We have 12 varieties to build up your orchard’s strength.

Burchell Nursery provides its customers with the utmost planting flexibility by offering most of its varieties as Ready Start® Potted Trees. Please consult with your Healthy Start Trees™ field representative for current availability and pricing.

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Rootstocks for Apricots
At Burchell, we offer you a choice of 12 varieties of apricots on these rootstocks.

Nemaguard Lovell Hansen 536 Hybrid+
Nemared Cornerstone (PP#21,248) Guardian® Brand (BY520-9)
Controller 5 (patent pending)+ Controller 9 (patent pending)+

+ Sold under license from the Regents of the University of California. Propagation without a written license is prohibited.

Apricot Approximate Ripening Dates in Fresno, CA