The Burchell Difference

Every tree from Burchell Nursery is a living promise. We’re making a commitment to our customers that each one is worthy of the decades-long investment they are making when they buy, plant and nurture it.

That’s why for more than 65 years, we have applied the utmost research, expertise and care in developing our trees. Our dedication has spanned three generations of Burchell family leadership and resulted in dozens of patented varieties of peaches, nectarines, apricots, apples, plums, walnuts, cherries and almonds, even new self-fertile types.

We give you our promise in certified and virus-free Healthy Start™ bare root trees, and Ready Start® potted trees for greater planting flexibility. We do it all to bring you the most vigorous, healthy trees possible for the greatest and longest return on your investment in a Burchell Nursery tree.