To fertilize trees:

1. Put no fertilizer in the hole with the roots. However, four measured ounces of sulfate of ammonia may be applied immediately after planting. Sprinkle fertilizer in a band 6" wide, keeping 12" away from base of tree. Repeat in 60–90 days with irrigation.

2. To prune fruit and almond trees:
Roots: Prune off only excessively long or broken roots.
Prune tops in mid-February. Cut trunks of trees that are to be mechanically harvested 28"–32" above ground. (See Illus. A, previous page.) Peach and Nectarine trees are often cut lower. (See Illus. B, previous page.)

To prune, plant and paint walnut trees:

1. Trees should be cut to 4 or 5 feet at time of planting.

2. In mid-March recut to 6"–10" above graft or bud union. Cover cut with TREE SEAL Then paint trees from ground level to top using white INTERIOR latex paint: water soluble.
Dilute with 25% water. (See illus. C, previous page.)

3. Always use water to settle soil around walnut tree roots to complete the planting and eliminate air pockets.

A word about Tree Protectors:

Tree Protectors have been used for many years as a way of protecting newly planted trees. However, in some rare cases, they have been known to cause localized sunburn. The best protection for the prevention of sunburn damage is to paint trees from ground level to top using white interior latex paint, water soluble, dilute with 25% water.

The first year is the most important in any young planting. Give your orchard the best care you know how, and you will be amply repaid.

We endeavor to deliver all stock in good growing condition. Please report to us at once if any trees are found to be otherwise.

If fumigation is a part of your ground preparation, the best time to fumigate is September through the middle of November.

At Burchell Nursery, we’re always striving to bring you the high quality trees you need for your business. From patented and commercially successful peaches to virus-free almonds to container trees that you can plant whenever you choose. We’ll spend whatever time it takes to give you our best.

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