Rootstocks for Plums

Commercially grown plums in the U.S. are the descendents of Asian rootstocks first introduced in the central valley in the 1870’s by Luther Burbank. Burbank brought the Japanese trees here and planted them on his farm in Santa Rosa where they flourished. Today through crossbreeding there are a number of modern plum varieties in a wide range of sizes and colors including red, yellow, purple, green, blue and black.

California produces the lion’s share of the commercial plum crop accounting for approximately 90% of the total U.S. production. With more than two hundred varieties that ripen at different times during the peak summer season there are a select few that ripen into the fall.

Burchell Nursery provides its customers with the utmost planting flexibility by offering most its varieites as Ready Start® Potted Trees. Please consult with your Healthy Start Trees field representative for current availability and pricing.

rootstocks for plums
rootstocks for plums rootstocks for plums


Rootstocks for Plums
At Burchell, we offer you a choice of 22 varieties of plum trees on these rootstocks.

Citation Nemared Marianna 26-24
Flordaguard Lovell Myrobalan 29C
Nemaguard M-40