Apple Varieties

  1. Red Fuji

    Ripens about 1–2 weeks later than Fuji
    Yellowish/green in color with a red stripe. Similar to the Fuji, it is extremely sweet and has good storage capability. It will stand up to the summer heat and requires about 350–400 chilling hours.
  2. Ginger Gold

    Ripens June 25–July 25 (about 4–6 weeks after Golden Delicious)
    A high quality, yellow-colored apple. This tree exhibits strong vigor with wide limb angles for easy training. Works well with Fuji or Gala as pollinators.
  3. Granny Smith

    Ripens late August–early September
    A long time favorite among consumers. It is good for eating, cooking and for sauce. It has a large, firm fruit with a juicy, slightly tart flavor. It packs well and resists bruising. Has excellent storage capability.
  4. Honeycrisp (PP#7,197)

    Ripens about 2 weeks earlier than Red Delicious
    A cross between Macoun and Honeygold. It is a firm and moderately vigorous apple, with an exceptional storage life and very winter hardy. It has an excellent color at harvest and for best results, should be planted with a pollenator. The chilling requirement is 800 hours.
  5. Scarlet Gala®

    Ripens July 1–July 20
    A good-sized fruit with a conical shape. Its color is a bright scarlet over a yellow/orange background. It has an excellent firmness compared to the other Gala strains. Pollinators include Fuji, Granny Smith and others. It stores extremely well.
  6. Smoothy

    Ripens August 15–mid-October
    A large, golden yellow skinned apple with a crip and firm texture. It is a great all purpose apple.
  7. Imperial Gala

    Ripens mid–late July
    An early Gala, with a red stripe over a yellow-orange background. The flesh is crispy and white in color and the taste is very sweet. This medium-sized apple is good to eat right off the tree!

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Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.