Apricots Varieties

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  1. Apache

    Ripens the first week in May
    A delicious apricot developed by Agricultural Research Scientists in California. It boasts a sweet, delicate flavor with a pleasing aroma. The fruit is average size with a pinkish-orange skin with an orange flesh that is finely textured.
  2. Blenheim

    Ripens about June 25
    A firm high flavored fruit. The fruit is used for juice, freezing, drying and fresh market.
  3. Castlebrite

    Ripens in early June
    One of the first apricots of the season. The fruit is medium size and turns golden yellow when ripe. It has a firm texture and a mild sweet flavor that is good for fresh eating. It is a good pollenator to help increase production on Robada even though it is self fruitful.
  4. Golden Sweet (PP#8,932)

    Ripens just ahead of Patterson
    Has a very nice size with an orange-yellow color. It is suited to fresh market with a nice quality taste and firmness as well as being suited for drying. Golden Sweet is self fruitful tree that is productive and has a moderate vigor in it's growth habit.
  5. Helena

    Ripens around June 20, slightly behind Katy, but ahead of Golden Sweet and Patterson
    A USDA release apricot. The fruit is large and firm with a sweet flavor with moderate acidity. The skin color is yellow to orange woth no blush apparent. It has been known to freckle in wet springs.
  6. Katy

    Ripens about May 28
    Introduced in 1978 and continues to be a popular choice. A red blushed fruit that is large and firm with a very good flavor. It is an early shipping variety that has low chilling characteristics.
  7. Lorna

    Ripens between Castlebrite and Helena
    A very large and very flavorful USDA variety apricot that can be delicate and requires some special handling. Also requires summer pruning to achieve optimum harvest.
  8. Modesto

    Ripen about June 15
    A very early and heavy producer, the fruit is large with a deep color orange and a good flavor. It has been widely used successfully as a freezing apricot.
  9. Patterson

    Introduced by Burchell, Patterson is a consistent and heavy producer of large fruit that is nice and firm and highly colored. It is a versatile apricot used for canning, freezing, drying and also for fresh market use as well. Large size, fairly round. Fair to good flavor, not much juice. Streaked red over yellow. Very good firmness. Heavy producer.
  10. Robada (PP#9,890)

    Ripens June 15–20
    A USDA variety with excellent color, a high blush. It has a good upright growth habit and uses Castlebrite for a pollinator.

Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.

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