Cherry Varieties

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  1. Skeena™

    Ripens at about the same time or slightly later than Lapins
    This is the cherry that everyone is interested in and is currently planting! The flavor is strong and of high-quality. The fruit is large, similar in size, or slightly larger than Lapins, however, unlike Lapins, the fruit grows in relatively loose clusters. The tree is open and therefore, easier to grow than Lapins. Like Lapins, the tree is self-fertile and therefore, may have a tendency to overset, especially on Gisela rootstocks.
    $1.25 per tree royalty
  2. Sweetheart

    Ripens mid-July
    A bright red, medium size, self-fertile cherry known for its sweet juicy flavor and beautiful shipping appearance. Resists cracking. Sweetheart is a cross of Van and Newstar.
  3. Tieton™ cv.'PC7144-6'

    Extraordinarily large in size, with excellent firmness and a mild sweet flavor. Tieton is an early-season mahogany red cherry, ripening one week before Bing. The impressive size, attractively glossy fruit, and thick green stems produce a visually stunning fruit for premium displays.
    $1.00 per tree royalty
  4. Tulare

    Ripens 10 days ahead of Bing
    Produces fruit which is virtually non-doubling, firm, with excellent storage and shipping characteristics. Fruit is uniform average size with a full, dark red color.
  5. Utah Giant

    Fruit is larger and firmer than Bing or Lambert with an outstanding flavor. Flesh color is dark red and sweet. Blooms with Bing. Fruit sets in large clusters and retains firmness, flavor and color throughout processing. Requires pollinator such as Black Tartarian or Van.
  6. Van

    Medium size, very firm, well-colored fruit. Resistant to cracking. Somewhat resistant to spurs and doubles.

* Royalty item

Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.

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