Processing Peaches

Processing Peaches

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  1. Popular Processing Peach Varieties

  2. Sullivan #4

    Ripens late—August 28
    An extra late canning peach. The fruit is medium-sized with yellow color. It is a medium-sized tree and features uniform ripening.
  3. Thiara Cling

    Thiara Cling is a vigorous growing tree harvesting a week before Loadel. Fruit holds well on tree and colors evenly inside and outside, no splits and sizes well.
  4. Wiser

    Ripens extra late—August 27
    Good color and firmness. Lacks good size and production. Tree is vigorous.
  5. Burpeachseventeen (PP# 14,478)

    Ripens July 17–25
    Large, firm, dense, yellow-fleshed clingstone peach with good flavor and eating quality. This peach has non-melting flesh which makes it ideal for canning. Requires 650 chill hours

* Royalty item

Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.

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