Fresh Market Peaches

Fresh Market Peaches

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  1. Popular Fresh Market Peach Varieties

  2. June Lady

    Ripens June 8–15
    Medium size, fair flavor, nice round shape, very good firmness, red skin, good producer.
  3. Maycrest

    Ripens May 20-27
    Good size, good round shape, good flavor, gold with red blush, good firmness, good producer.
  4. O'Henry

    Ripens August 3–7
    Large size, round to slightly irregular shape, good flavor, red to dull red skin, very firm, very heavy producer. One of the industry's most popular shipping peaches. A Burchell introduction.
  5. Parade

    Ripens August 20–27
    Large size, fairly good shape, red blush over yellow skin, fair flavor, fair to good firmness, heavy production.
  6. Queencrest

    Ripens May 15–22
    Introduced in 1987. Good size, round shape, flavor, gold with red blush, and firm. First good shipping peach of the season.
  7. Red Top

    Ripens June 11–26
    USDA release. Large size, fairly good flavor, red blush over yellow skin, good firmness, round, very good producer.
  8. Ryan Sun

    Ripens August 1–8
    Medium size, dark red color with bright yellow flesh of very firm and crisp character. Attractive, short fuzz, round fruit.
  9. September Sun

    Ripens August 29–September 5
    Medium size, yellow flesh freestone. Lacks red color. Exceptional peach to handle and ship.
  10. Springcrest

    Ripens May 22–29
    USDA release. Good size, nice round shape, fairly good flavor, gold with red blush, fairly good firmness, good producer.
  11. Spring Lady

    Ripens May 27–June 4
    Good size, round, fairly good flavor, gold with red blush, good firmness and a good producer.
  12. Summerset

    Ripens August 20–25
    Large, yellow-fleshed peach. Excellent flavor. Tree moderately vigorous, very productive. Good backyard variety.
  13. Summer Lady

    Ripens July 23–30
    Large size, shape similar to O’Henry, good flavor, bright red skin, very good firmness, good producer, a very promising variety.
  14. Tropic Beauty (82-10)

    Ripens June 15–25
    Mid-season harvest, fruit round, very good firmness, good color and size. Requires 150 chill hours
  15. Zee Lady

    Ripens July 15–25
    Large size, smooth round fruit, yellow-fleshed, attractive red skin color and good eating quality. Extreme firmness makes for good shipping and storage qualities. Cross of O’Henry and June Lady.
  16. Burchell Nursery Breeding Program Fresh Market Peach Varieties

  17. August Flame®

    Burpeachfour (PP#12,405)
    Ripens August 15–29
    Mid to late season freestone peach. Excellent firmness and color, 90% bright red blush over yellow/orange background. Very good shape, size and flavor.

* Royalty item

Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.

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