Fresh Market Peaches

Fresh Market Peaches

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  1. Burchell Nursery Breeding Program Fresh Market Peach Varieties

  2. Autumn Flame (PP#9438)

    Ripens September 4–20
    Large size, considered uniform. Fruit is firm, oblate in shape and has a very tight pit cavity. Highly attractive red coloration, freestone with firm yellow-colored flesh. Suitable for both local markets and for long distance shipping. A high quality late season peach.
  3. Burpeacheight (PP#12,834)

    Ripens August 30–September 7
    Exceptionally high quality, firm, yellow/orange fleshed freestone peach with well above average eating quality. The flavor is sweet and moderately acidic. Requires 650 chill hours.
  4. Burpeachten (PP#13,507)

    Ripens June 24–July 10
    Medium to large-sized clingstone peach with firm, dense, good eating flesh. Flesh is pale yellow with red flecking. Sweet and mildly acidic flavor. Requires 600 chill hours.
  5. Burpeachtwenty (PP#15,394)

    Ripens August 9–16
    Firm yellow freestone peach with good flavor and eating qualities. Juicy, sweet flesh with a nice red color over a yellow background. Requires 700 chill hours.
  6. Burpeachtwentytwo (PP#17,258)

    Ripens April 28–May 5
    A very early ripening, yellow flesh peach with a nice red skin color and good size fruit. The yellow clingstone flesh is firm and sweet. Requires 250 chill hours.
  7. Burpeachtwentyseven (PP#23,160)

    Ripens June 12–19
    Firm, juicy and dense yellow-fleshed clingstone peach with very good eating quality. The flavor is very sweet with moderate acidity. Skin has a red blush. Requires 650 chill hours.
  8. Burpeachthirtyfour (PP#25,764)

    Ripens August 16–23
    Large, productive dark red over yellow flesh freestone fruit with good flavor. Requires 500–700 chill hours.
  9. Burpeachthirtysix (PP#27,423)

    Ripens October 11–19
    Firm, non-melting, crunchy, juicy, and dense yellow-fleshed freestone peach with low acid. Requires 375 chill hours.
  10. Burpeachthirtynine (PPAF)

    Ripens May 25–June 2
    White-fleshed, low acid, saucer-shaped fruit with very good flavor and eating quality. Requires 600 chill hours.
  11. Henry II

    Burpeachtwo (PP#12,157)
    Ripens August 3–7
    Clingstone, fresh market peach. Harvests at same time as O’Henry but is sweeter, firmer, and has a more round, uniform shape and brighter color.
  12. July Flame®

    Burpeachfive (PP#12,505)
    Ripens June 25–July 7
    Freestone with very good flavor. Better background color, firmness and pack out than O’Henry. Conditions well. Sometimes called Henry II. Requires 700+ chill hours.
  13. June Flame®

    Burpeachsix (PP#13,392)
    Ripens June 15–22
    Firm freestone peach with very high color. Very large for season. Ripens just ahead of Red Top.
  14. September Flame®

    Burpeachthree (PP#12,507)
    Ripens August 20–September 3
    A late season clingstone peach that is very firm and attractive. It has a high degree of red blush on the skin and the flesh is extremely juicy and flavorful for such a firm fruit. Good for shipping and storage for fresh market. Chill requirements are 600–800 hours.
  15. Snow Flame® 20

    Burpeachtwentyfour (PP#21,737)
    Ripens May 16–23
    Firm, white-fleshed clingstone that has a sweet flavor with low acidity. Very pleasant and balanced taste. Moderately juicy and very good eating quality. Requires 650 hours of chill.
  16. Snow Flame® 32

    Burpeachtwentynine (PP#24,810)
    Ripens August 10–17
    Firm yet non-melting, juicy, dense, freestone peach with flesh that is white with a slight yellow cast. The flavor is very sweet with moderate acidity and very good eating quality. Requires 750 chill hours.

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Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.

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