Fresh Market Peaches

Fresh Market Peaches

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  1. Burchell Nursery Breeding Program Fresh Market Peach Varieties

  2. Snow Flame® 32

    Burpeachtwentynine (PP#24,810)
    Ripens August 10–17
    Firm yet non-melting, juicy, dense, freestone peach with flesh that is white with a slight yellow cast. The flavor is very sweet with moderate acidity and very good eating quality. Requires 750 chill hours.
  3. Spring Flame® 18

    Burpeachtwentythree (PP# 22,780)
    Ripens May 5–10
    Large, firm, juicy, pale yellow-orange fleshed peach with a sweet and mildly acidic flavor. Very good eating quality. Requires 175 hours of chill.
  4. Spring Flame® 20

    Burpeachfourteen (PP#14,342)
    Ripens approximately May 10–18
    Semi clingstone peach with beautiful color and shape. High quality medium-sized fruit. Very good consumer response Requires 550+ chill hours.
  5. Spring Flame® 20.5

    Burpeachtwentyeight (PP#23,689)
    Ripens May 16–29
    Attractively colored, large, firm, orange/yellow-fleshed clingstone. Very juicy. The flavor is very sweet with moderate acidity. Red blushed skin. Requires 650 chill hours.
  6. Spring Flame® 21

    Burpeachone (PP#12,156)
    Ripens May 27–June 4
    Good size, round, fairly good flavor. Gold with red blush, good firmness, good producer.
  7. Spring Flame® 22

    Burpeachnineteen (PP#15,263)
    Ripens approximately May 20–June 3
    Large fruit with beautiful color and finish. Very good flavor and good shelf life. Strong productive tree. Becoming a standard variety. Requires 600+ chill hours.
  8. Spring Flame® 24

    Burpeachnine (PP#13,494)
    Ripens June 8–15
    Attractively-colored, yellow-fleshed, firm, dense clingstone with good flavor and eating quality. The flavor is sweet and mildly acidic. Requires 550 chill hours.
  9. Spring Flame® 24.5

    Burpeachsixteen (PP#14,364)
    Ripens June 5–15
    Large yellow flesh fruit, clingstone with good eating qualities. High degree of red skin color for an early season peach. Requires 650 chill hours.
  10. Spring Flame® 35

    Burpeachforty (PPAF)
    Ripens June15–30
    Large, firm yellow flesh clingstone fruit with a good flavor balance of sweet and tart. Round fruit with good red skin color and good shipping qualities. Requires 500 chill hours.
  11. Summer Flame® 26

    Burpeachtwentyone (PP#17,016)
    Ripens July 5–15
    Freestone with dense, juicy and sweet flesh. Ripens with or a few days behind Elegant Lady with more consistent sets. Large fruit needs to be heavily cropped. No internal breakdown or mealiness. Requires 650+ chill hours.
  12. Summer Flame® 29

    Burpeachseven (PP#13,415)
    Ripens July 17–22
    Beautiful red freestone peach. Excellent firmness and productivity. Very large fruit of good dessert quality.
  13. Summer Flame® 30

    Burpeachthirtytwo (PP#24,580)
    Ripens August 3–9
    Attractively colored yellow-white freestone peach which has very good eating qualitites. Considered firm but non-melting, juicy and dense. Requires 650 chill hours.
  14. Summer Flame® 31

    Burpeachtwentysix (PP#23,161)
    Ripens August 10–17
    Large, firm textured, orange-yellow fleshed freestone which has a good flavor and very good eating quality. Flavor is very sweet with moderate to low acidity and a pleasant balance. Requires 550 chill hours.
  15. Summer Flame® 34

    Burpeachfifteen (PP#14,454)
    Ripens approximately September 1–10
    Freestone peach with very small pit cavity. Nice oblate shape. Firm fruit with excellent flavor. Very productive. Requires 600+ chill hours.
  16. Summer Flame® 35

    Burpeachthirtythree (PP#25,725)
    Ripens August 25–September 3
    Large, firm, productive clingstone with very good eating qualities. The skin is a light red blush. Requires 650 hours chill.

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Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.

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