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  1. Popular Nectarine Varieties

  2. Sparkling Red

    Ripens July 20–25
    Freestone. Fred Anderson release has become a very popular variety because of good shape, firmness, high color and size. Fruit ripens between the current volume periods of the season. Tree is vigorous and sizes a good crop. Good late freestone. Chill hours +750.
  3. Summer Grand

    Ripens July 25-July 1
    Freestone. Fred Anderson release. Very good firmness, size and color. Standard of mid-season varieties. Tree is of medium production and low to medium vigor. Also good for drying. Chill hours +800
  4. Sunraycer

    Ripens early May
    Large, very attractive, low-chill semiclingstone nectarine with few split pits. Slightly elongated oval fruit with 90 percent bright red blush.
  5. Supreme Red #1

    Ripens July 4-11
    Large, round, freestone fruit. Full deep red skin when fully ripe and mottled with yellow in the ripening stages. Best adapted to the cooler Pacific Northwest.
  6. Burchell Nursery Breeding Program Nectarine Varieties

  7. Burnectthree (PP#12,571)

    Ripens July 8–15
    Firm, non-melting fleshed, yellow/orange, clingstone nectarine. Flavor is very sweet with moderate acidity. Requires 400–600 chill hours.
  8. Burnectsixteen (PP#15,825)

    Ripens May 27–June 4
    A large, firm, pale yellow/orange-fleshed, very juicy clingstone. The flavor is sweet and pleasantly balanced. The eating quality is very good. Required 600 chill hours.
  9. Burnectnineteen (PP#17,140)

    Ripens May 12–May 20
    Attractively colored, large, yellow-fleshed clingstone with good flavor and eating quality. Closely similar to the May Glo. Requires 450 chill hours.
  10. Burnecttwenty (PP#17,018)

    Ripens approximately September 2
    This freestone has a very good flavor. It has a deep, rich color and firmness. It is sometimes called Henry II. Requires +650 chill hours.
  11. Burnecttwentyone (PP#17,233)

    Ripens September 23–October 2
    Large, round, yellow-fleshed clingstone with a firm and juicy flesh. Requires 700 chill hours.
  12. Burnecttwentythree (PP#17,890)

    Ripens June 12–20
    White-fleshed, non-melting, sub-acid, bagel saucer shaped clingstone. Requires 400 - 600 chill hours.
  13. Burnecttwentyseven (PP#25.128)

    Ripens August 20–28
    Firm, white with a pale yellow tint flesh, sub-acid freestone nectarine with good flavor and eating quality with medium to dark red skin. Required 650 hours of chill.
  14. Snow Flare® 20

    Burnectfourteen (PP#15,192)
    Ripens approximately May 17–25
    A large, sub-acidic Flare® series white flesh nectarine with good skin color, firm flesh, excellent flavor and very good market reception. Streaked red over yellow. Large size, fairly round. Very good firmness. Fair to good flavor, not much juice. Heavy producer. Prone to russet in some seasons. Requires 400+ chill hours.
  15. Snow Flare® 21

    Burnecttwentytwo (PP#18,293)
    Ripens approximately June 1
    A large, sub-acidic, white-fleshed Flare® series nectarine. Very good size for the season. Flesh is very firm. Fruit handling quality is very good. Requires 400+ chill hours.
  16. Snow Flare® 22

    Burnectthirteen (PP#14,517)
    Ripens May 24–June 5
    Snowy white-fleshed nectarine which ripens around Memorial Day. Chill Hours 400-600.
  17. Snow Flare® 23

    Burnectnine (PP#14,516)
    Ripens June 3–11
    Large, firm, acidic, attractively colored pale white-fleshed, aromatic, clingstone with sweet flavor and very good eating quality. Requires 700 chill hours.

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Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.

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