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  1. Burchell Nursery Breeding Program Nectarine Varieties

  2. Snow Flare® 28

    Burnectnine (PP#14,516)
    Ripens June 29–July 8
    Large, firm, acidic, aromatic, white-fleshed clingstone with good shipping and handling qualities. Flesh takes on a pale yellow tint. Requires 750 chill hours.
  3. Snow Flare® 30

    Burnectthirtyone (PP#27,438)
    Ripens July 23–28
    Large, yellow-orange, firm fleshed clingstone with moderate juice and a sweet, acidic flavor. Good eating quality. Medium to dark red skin coloration. Requires 550 hours of chill.
  4. Spring Flare® 20

    Burnectten (PP#14,442)
    Ripens May 10–20
    Firm, dense, non-melting, pale yellow-fleshed clingstone which has very good eating quality. Requires 350 chill hours.
  5. Spring Flare® 20.5

    Burnnectthirty (PP#25,863)
    Ripens May 18–25
    Large, firm, acidic yellow-fleshed with abundant juice and sweet pleasant flavor. Good size for an early variety. Requires 350 chill hours.
  6. Spring Flare® 21

    Burnectfive (PP#13,443)
    Ripens May 15–23
    Large, firm, dense, pale yellow-fleshed, semi-freestone nectarine with very good flavor and eating quality. Moderately juicy. Requires 550 chill hours.
  7. Spring Flare® 22

    Burnecttwentyfour (PP#21,724)
    Ripens May 27–June 5
    Large, firm, sub-acidic, yellow-orange fleshed, melting clingstone. Excellent flavor and good shipping qualities. Requires 350 chill hours.
  8. Spring Flare® 23

    Burnecttwentynine (PP#26,540)
    Ripens June 7–15
    Very large yellow nectarine with very good color and finish. Early harvest. A good balance of sweet and tart flavor. Requires 450 chill hours.
  9. Spring Flare® 25

    Burnecttwentyeight (PP#26,610)
    Ripens June 16–26
    Large, firm, sweet yellow-fleshed clingstone with good flavor and eating quality. Skin color is medium to dark red. Requires 450 chill hours.
  10. Spring Ray

    Burnectone (PP#12,518)
    Ripens May 25–June 5
    High quality freestone with a pale yellow-orange flesh with very sweet flavor and moderate acidity. Requires 400–600 chill hours.
  11. Summer Flare® 27

    Burnectfifteen (PP#15,622)
    Ripens approximately July 5–12
    Clingstone. A Flare® series nectarine with a very sweet, rich flavor. Large, juicy fruit. Excellent color and finish. A productive variety. Requires 700+ chill hours.
  12. Summer Flare® 28

    Burnectseven (PP#13,589)
    Ripens first week of August
    Clingstone. Very large yellow acid nectarine with good production. Excellent flavor with about 80% red blush.
  13. Summer Flare® 28

    Burnecttwo (PP#12,555)
    Ripens July 1–8
    Very high quality firm clingstone nectarine with yellow/orange colored-flesh. Excellent eating quality. Requires 400–600 chill hours.
  14. Summer Flare® 30

    Burnecteleven (PP#14,363)
    Ripens approximately July 22–31
    Clingstone. A Flare® series nectarine. Good firmness. Highly colored with dense flesh, good firmness and a clean finish. Medium size. An attractive nectarine for the very late market. Requires 750+ chill hours.
  15. Summer Flare® 31

    Burnecttwentysix (PP#24,139)
    Ripens August 1–12
    Large, firm, yellow/orange-fleshed clingstone fruit which is round in shape. Sweet flavor. Requires 550 chill hours.
  16. Summer Flare® 32

    Burnectseventeen (PP#15,694)
    Ripens approximately August 10
    A Flare® series nectarine. Classic nectarine flavor. Good firmness. A late season winner to extend your production season. One of the newest selections from the BNI Breeding Program.

* Royalty item

Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.

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