Pomegranate Varieties

  1. Early Wonderful

    Ripens in Fall
    Similar to Wonderful, extra large, red flesh and sharp flavor. It harvests a few weeks before Wonderful, in the Fall.
  2. Early Foothill

    Ripens 1–2 weeks earlier than Wonderful
    A recent introduction with large, purple-red fruit similar to Wonderful, but harvesting 1–2 weeks earlier. It has delicious, tangy flavor. The best quality in hot inland climate.
  3. Wonderful

    Ripens in September
    Extra large with a blushed red skin, rich, red flesh that is juicy with a sharp flavor. Most well known of the pomegranates. A great source of antioxidants. Shrub or tree to 18 ft.

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Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.