Almond Varieties

  1. Aldrich


    Semi-hard shell with good seal. Kernel is small to medium size. Tree is large size, upright growth characteristics.
  2. Avalon (PP#11,096)

    Avalon (PP#11,096)

    Introduced in 1998 by Burchell Nursery. Semi-soft shell, well sealed. Kernel is medium size, flat and light color. Tree is medium size, semi-upright growth habit. This almond variety was discovered as a chance seedling in the Atwater area in 1980 and later introduced by Burchell Nursery. Avalon exhibits a prolonged bloom, starting three days ahead of Nonpareil, and overlapping with Carmel. Harvest time is eight days after Nonpareil. Avalon is a variety to consider along with Nonpareil, Wood Colony, Price and Carmel.
  3. Burchell Self-fruitful Almonds

    Burchell Self-fruitful Almonds

    Burchell has a number of self-fruitful almonds currently on trial. There are several nut types to fit the various classifications. These varieties set well on their own reducing or eliminating the need for bees. Trees are available for tests, so if interested please call us at 800-828-TREE. Please remember that we ask you to sign a test agreement when ordering.
  4. Butte


    Very productive. Shell is hard and well sealed. Kernel small and plump (similar to Mission). Tree is medium to large, somewhat spreading, but not as much as Nonpareil. The Almond Board of California and University of California’s regional variety test plots both confirm that Butte is one of the state’s top producers. Butte is ideal for a later bloom/harvest combination and works well in conjunction with a number of varieties.
  5. Capitola (PP#19,369)

    Capitola (PP#19,369)

    Beautiful California type kernel. Blooms perfectly ahead of nonpareil and harvests a few days after. Pollinates with Nonpareil and many other popular varieties. Capitola has been evaluated since 1996.
  6. Carmel


    Introduced in 1966 by Burchell Nursery. Heavy producer, shell is soft and well sealed. Kernel is large and elongated. Tree is small to medium size, not spreading but more upright than Nonpareil.
  7. Carrion


    Introduced in 1974 by Burchell Nursery. Soft shell, knocks easily. Kernel is medium size and plump. Tree is medium size and somewhat spreading.
  8. Fritz


    Introduced in 1969 by Burchell Nursery. Heavy producer, semi-soft shell. Kernel is small. Tree is medium size with upright growth characteristics.
  9. Livingston


    Introduced in 1977 by Burchell Nursery. High producer. Paper-thin shell, well sealed. Kernel is medium size. Tree is medium size, semi-upright, similar to Nonpareil. This variety has consistently displayed impressively high production. The nuts are easy to knock.
  10. Marcona


    A Spanish variety with a small, precocious habit. The shells are hard, making the nuts more difficult to shell, resulting in a weaker meat to shell ratio. However, Marcona meats are generally worth 20% more per pound than Nonpareil. Good compatibility with Sonora.

Harvest dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.

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