Nowhere is there more know-how than at Burchell Nursery. Our field representatives bring their decades of experience to you, wherever you may be. They know your region. They know our varieties. And they’ll walk your acres and talk to you face to face about the best way to make the most of our trees and your livelihood. They’ll be with you not only before the sale, but for years and years to come. Just ask.

Ron Boone

Field Representative, Central California
Oakdale Office: 209-845-8733
Mobile: 209-604-3009

Ron was raised on a ranch that grew peaches, almonds and walnuts. And his dad worked for Burchell Nursery when Ron was a kid. So it’s only natural that he’s such a key part of the Burchell family business. He’s been with us for more than 29 years, so you can count on Ron to be there for you. Ron’s got plenty of ag courses to his credit, from Modesto Community College and UC Davis. But he has even more practical experience. He can help you match the right rootstock to your soil, preferred time of harvest, and other aspects of your orchard. He gets the most questions about almonds (especially Butte, Nonpareil, Fritz and Monterey) and walnuts (Chandler, Tulare and Howard), but he’s also ready to help with growers’ rising interest in olives and pomegranates. Or any other Burchell variety. Just give him a call.

Gerry Hunter

Field Representative, Northern California & Western US
Oakdale Office: 209-845-8733
Mobile: 530-776-7605

Gerry’s been with Burchell Nursery for more than a dozen years. He brought to us about 13 years worth of field experience, including his work with Dole as an almond buyer. He has a Bachelor’s degree in plant science and a Master’s degree in soil science from Fresno State University. These days he travels from northern California to Washington to Utah, Idaho and Colorado visiting peach, nectarine and cherry growers. He tells growers about different varieties, including new selections that may be available for testing. He is knowledgeable about rootstocks and different planting layouts and follows tree deliveries to your doorstep. Gerry cares about his Burchell customers because as he puts it “These trees will be in for 15 to 30 years and the right choices are important. There is little room for mistakes. I am not just selling a product, I'm working with people on something that is their livelihood. I’m going to be with them from start to finish and help them with the next orchard.”

John Slaughter

Field Representative, Fresno & South Valley
Director of Breeding Program
Fresno Office: 559-834-1661
Mobile: 559-285-3113

John works in the field around Fresno and to the south. Way south. All the way to Chile. You see, John’s not just a field representative for Burchell, he’s a major force behind our breeding program. So he’s working with growers and breeders from Chile to Australia, Spain to South Africa, anywhere the climate is similar to California’s. He’s been with us for 25 years, and with our breeding program from its start in 1989. John’s work includes development of trans-hemispheric varieties of perishable tree fruits and self-fertilizing almonds (to reduce dependence on bees). With a degree in biology and so much hands-on plant genetics experience, you can definitely count on John to help you determine the best varieties for your acreage. And he’s happy to assist, because he views what he does as not only helping growers provide food, but also improving the world by providing jobs, wealth, creating oxygen and stabilizing atmospheric wind patterns. Besides, he just likes to be helpful.