Manny Sousa

Field Representative, Central California
Oakdale Office: 209-845-8733
Mobile: 209-485-4552

Manny’s the man for the Central Region. A life-long resident of the area, Manny brings more than 27 years of experience to our Central Valley customers. He’s a horticulture expert, with the degrees to prove it from Modesto Junior College and California Polytechnic State University. Manny knows both the plants and the place, which makes him the prefect person to turn to for information on what and how to make the most of your orchard. He has served growers with operations both large and small, and always with an expert eye for maximizing their land and time. You’ll appreciate not only his deep knowledge but also his energy and the personal attention he gives to everyone he works with. He’s a Central Valley native with know-how.