We cannot tell a lie. First president, George Washington, supposedly chopped down his father’s cherry tree according to a biography written by former pastor and bookseller Mason Locke Weems. That story is widely thought to be fabricated. The truth is that no one would want to chop down a Burchell cherry tree. The powerful antioxidants and sweet taste of cherries make them a market bestseller. That’s why Burchell Nursery gives you 20 varieties—4 patented—to choose from.

Rootstocks for Cherry Trees




Gisela® 5 (PP#9,622)

Gisela® 6 (PP#8,954)

Gisela® 12 (PP#9,631)

Gisela® Rootstocks for Cherries*

The Gisela Cherry rootstock series was developed by Dr. Wernes Gruppe at the University of Giessen in West Germany. Using state-of-the-art techniques, Dr. Gruppe developed the series with specific crosses between different prunus species to produce a broad range of desirable characteristics.