Fresh Market Peach Varieties


Ripens July 18–25
Large size, slightly elongated, good flavor, in warmer climates yellow with little blush, good firmness, good freezer peach, very heavy producer.

Autumn Gem

Ripens September 23–30
Large size, round, fair to good flavor, very little blush over yellow skin, good firmness, heavy producer.


Ripens June 27–July 4
Medium size, round fruit, white flesh freestone peach, somewhat crisp firmness, dwarf tree.

Belle Of Georgia

The Belle of Georgia is a large fruit with a firm white flesh, with a red tint. Very bud hardy and disease resistant. Its wonderful flavor is enjoyed straight off the tree or for cooking and canning. Self-fruitful and a late mid season ripening time.

Blushing Pearl

Prunus Persica ‘Blushing Pearl

The Blushing Pearl peach is a unique columnar selection with spectacular flavor. The growth habit of this outstanding flavored white fleshed peach is a real benefit for those with limited space to plant a fruit tree. One of the Urban Skyscraper series of columnar fruit trees from the Tomorrows Harvest collection, with a top height of 18 feet and a spread of 8 feet this is an easy tree to keep under 10 feet tall with little extra pruning effort. A sweet and juicy white fleshed fruit that is the perfect mid summer treat. The fruit has a beautiful pink-red blush which is eye candy for this outstanding home garden selection. Consider planting one of the other columnar selections from Tomorrows Harvest to extend the season. You’ll have plenty of space! This is A Tomorrows Harvest/Burchell Nursery exclusive. For those who love white fleshed fruit this compact variety is a must have.

Cal Red

Ripens August 8–15
Large size, good round shape, very good flavor, red blush over yellow skin. Skin can have greenish cast. Trees are very vigorous, good firmness, good producer.


Ripens September 8–15
Large size, fairly round, fair to good flavor, not much juice, streaked red over yellow, very good firmness, heavy producer.




Prunus persica

Cresthaven is a great all-purpose freestone peach. Very firm, golden yellow fruit with with bright red blush. The yellow flesh is red around the pit and resists browing. This variety is also cold tolerant.

Crimson Lady

Ripens June 1–7
Large size, vigorous, hardy, productive and regular bearing tree. The clingstone fruit is uniformly large size, with excellent flavor, attractive globose shape, very firm and nonmelting texture, and almost full red skin color.

Diamond Princess

Ripens June 28–July 7
Medium size, vigorous, hardy, very productive and regular bearing tree. The freestone fruit is uniformly large size, of globose shape, with very firm texture and a delicious flavor balance of acid and sugar. Excellent quality for keeping and shipping, and almost full red skin color at harvest time. The variety was developed as a hybridized seedling from the selected seed parent, Red Diamond nectarine, and an unnamed peach seedling as the selected pollen parent.

Early Elberta

This is an early ripening version of the world famous Elberta peach. It’s rich, sweet, yellow flesh and golden yellow blushed red skin make the Early Elberta peach the best there is. This large peach tree ripens in early July, and requires 750 chill hours.


Elberta is prized for its rich flavor and juicy flesh. The yellow freestone flesh is smooth when firm and remains full flavored until soft ripe with juice running down your arm. A very beautiful spring bloomer, the Elberta can be used as a great background accent tree giving one both beautiful and productive. The Juicy, bright yellow flesh is great for eating fresh, freezing and canning.

Elegant Lady

Ripens July 8–15
Large size, good flavor, bright red skin, round, excellent producer, and excellent shipping peach.


Ripens August 28–September 5
USDA release. Large size, round, very good flavor, red blush over yellow skin with less blush in warmer climates, good firmness, heavy producer.

Fancy Lady

Ripens June 17–27
A mutation of Sparkle but with much better shape. Has very nice red color and firmness, good size. Looks like a promising replacement for Red Top.

Fay Alberta

Ripens July 18–25
Large size, fairly good shape, good flavor, gold skin with little red blush, good firmness, very heavy producer.



Ripens September 25–October 2
Large size, round, very good flavor, very little red blush over yellow skin, good firmness, heavy producer.


Ripens June 8–15
Medium to large size, good flavor, red blush over gold skin, good firmness, round, very good producer.

Florda Grande

Prunus persica

This peach is a grand choice for the warmest areas. Developed by the University of Florida, the FlordaGrande needs less than 100 chill hours to give you big, beautiful orange-colored fruit with a textured yellow flesh. Gators love ’em!


The Flordaprince is an excellent flavored peach for very mild winter areas. This medium sized firm yellow peach ripens in mid-May. A red blush covers 80% of the skin, forming attractive dark red stripes over yellow. It is very beautiful inside and out, and requires 150 chill hours.


The Frost Peach is a bright yellow and blush red skinned peach over a jucy yellow flesh. A beauty to look at the Frost peach has a double bloom and large full sized fruit, place in an area where it will soak up 6+ hours of sunlight and has room to breathe.


Ripens June 19-27
Light-cream skin accented with an attractive red blush and features the traditional, delicate aroma of white-fleshed peaches. Inside, the flesh has a sweet taste and the pleasantly firm texture that growers describe as “melting.” Known as a “flat,” “saucer,” or “doughnut-type” peach because of its round, squat appearance. From the USDA ARS Parlier research orchards.

Gold Dust

Prunus persica

Gold Dust has been around awhile, and for good reason. It is one of the finest-tasting yellow peaches available. The fruit is medium-size with a mottled red skin over deep yellow flesh.

Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.