Fresh Market Peaches

Peaches are the hallmark of the Burchell legacy. We have introduced or bred varieties including Autumn Flame, Elegant Lady, O’Henry, and July Flame™ (Burpeachfive) that have accounted for 4 out of the top 5 peach varieties with the most packages of fruit delivered in a given year!* Our breeding program includes collaborations with experts from the Universities of Florida and Texas all the way to Chile in order to bring you the best possible peach stock for your acreage.  
* Source 2008 California Tree Fruit Agreement

Burchell Nursery provides its customers with the utmost planting flexibility by offering most of its varieties as Ready Start® Potted Trees. Please consult with your Healthy Start Trees™ field representative for current availability and pricing.

Rootstocks for Fresh Market Peaches

NemaguardCadaman avimag c.v.Floraguard
NemaredCornerstone (PP#21,248)Hansen 536 Hybrid+
Guardian® Brand (BY520-9)Controller 5 (PP#15,228)+RootPacR®
LovellController 9 (PP#15,225)+
+ Sold under license from the Regents of the University of California. Propagation without a written license is prohibited.

Fresh Market Peach Varieties