The best, most beautiful and flavorful nectarines get their start at Burchell Nursery. We have introduced more than 30 patented varieties over the years, and many have become industry favorites. Every one of our nectarine trees, Burchell exclusive or not, has been selected to give you a consistently good crop.

Burchell Nursery provides its customers with the utmost planting flexibility by offering most of its varieties as Ready Start® Potted Trees. Please consult with your Healthy Start Trees™ field representative for current availability and pricing.

Rootstocks for Nectarines

At Burchell, we offer you a choice of 50 varieties of nectarine trees on these rootstocks.

NemaguardController 9 (PP#15,225)Guardian® Brand (BY520-9)
Controller 5 (PP#15,228)Cornerstone (PP#21,248)Hansen 536 Hybrid